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Florida Justice System

     There are 67 counties that make up the State of Florida. Each operates under the Florida Statutes for the most part. I write bail bonds most of the time in Southwest Florida Counties of Lee, Collier & Charlotte. However, what I have learned during the past 25 years of writing bail in Florida is that each county operates the way they see fit, sometimes not following Florida Statutes. The main aim of the system is to extract revenue out of law breakers as a form of punishment. Most counties don't want you in jail as it costs the tax-payer $175 to $190 a day to house, feed and clothe you. They would prefer that you contribute to the county coffers as long as your transgressions are non-violent. However, if you commit serious violent felonies like murder, robbery, car-jacking, assault, felony domestic battery, then the county has an obligation to protect the citizens of the community. There are beds waiting for you. Most of my clients receive a fine, probation and court costs. If you are prepared to open your wallet, then they are prepared to let you go. What they don't tell you is, if you have no money , they have to let you work off your fines and court costs with community service. They won't like it as their jobs depend on the continue flow of cash coming into the county. When you go to court always arrive early. Dress in business casual and be prepared to be in court for 2 to 4 hours during your first time in front of the judge after you walked out of jail on a bond or other release option. If going to court in your own car don't park in the free 2 hour street parking as you most likely will get a ticket. Park in the long term parking as it is cheaper. 

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Important Phone Numbers

Jail fort Myers 239 477-1500
Core Jail 239 477-1700
Non Emergency Sheriff 239 477-1000
State Attorney 239 533-1000
Cape Coral police 239 574-3223
Public Defender 239 485-2525 Bail Bonds in Fort Myers

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How Can I Be Prepared For My Court Date?

If you have never been to court before then I urge you to become an informed consumer. You can get this information about 4 ways. Talk to a lawyer, talk to a bail bondsman, talk with a friend who has gone through this experience and finally go on line and look up Florida law. The more you know the less stress this situation will cause you.